About Me


Hello my friends and welcome!

I’m Bern, an Integrative Health Coach, Yoga Teacher in Training, and Self/Friend Proclaimed Health Nut Weirdo.

It’s my goal to help other people live their happiest and healthiest lives. Because that’s all anybody really wants, isn’t it?

Healthy living can sometimes seem extreme and get a bad rap. Some people are really into it (#fitspo, #lettuce #nofunever) and other people don’t really know what it means or don’t really care. I try to bridge this gap by helping people make small, positive changes in all areas of their life.

While eating real, whole food is so important, I believe that health is about more than just a good diet and exercise. It’s about the happiness in your relationships, your career, and your spiritual life. It’s about your overall attitude, your environment, and the way you treat yourself and others.

I think balance is key and there is no perfect anything. There’s no perfect diet, no perfect workout routine, no perfect life. We can only enjoy our life now, while working for a better tomorrow.

Being healthy is not a goal but rather a lifestyle.

Love, Peace, Namaste and All That Good Shiz,

The Healthy Bern

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