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Practice Kindness

Humpday thoughts:

I think we are all walking different roads in this life. We were all born into different families and circumstances, and therefore develop different perspectives and purposes.

We’ve all been through things that make us who we are today. But even though we are all on different journeys, we are all still connected. Our paths will cross, and for a reason. We are meant to build each other up and remind one another how to be our best selves.

When people come off angry or bitter, I think they are misunderstood. Maybe they’ve been hurting for a while now, or feeling unappreciated. Maybe if they knew they were enough, just as they are, their whole world would change. Maybe if they knew how loved they were, they would start acting from a place of grace instead of fear.

So, love someone for who they are today. Someone you don’t usually get along with or whose viewpoints you don’t understand. Just be kind to them, even when it’s hard.

Happy Wednesday! Xx

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