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Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I used to never eat breakfast. In college I would get through the morning on like 18 coffees and maybe a Special K bar I thought was healthy, but then I’d be starving at lunch.

Breakfast is important. It gives your body legitimate energy as opposed to just the adrenaline you get from caffeine. I still don’t like eating a ton in the morning, but giving myself some quality nutrients to start the day has kept my energy levels stable throughout the day. Everyone is different though-a big breakfast may work for you, while just some fruit may work for someone else.

When making a breakfast choice, my best advice would be to avoid processed cereals. Even the brands that claim to be healthy are usually loaded with sugars and weird chemicals. Sure, they might be fortified with “Vitamins and Whole Grains” but they’re also loaded with a ton of shit thats wreaking havoc on your bod. Read the label: if there’s a ton of ingredients you can’t pronounce, it’s best to stay away.

Here are a few quick, light, and healthy breakfast ideas:

1.Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel Bread with Peanut Butter and Banana– Ezekiel bread is the Sooo many breads out there are overly processed. Like your bread should not be able to sit on a shelf in a grocery store for a month and still be edible. Ezekiel bread is made from all sprouted grains and needs to be kept in the freezer/refrigerator. If you’ve been eating white bread your whole life, I totally get that it might take some time to adjust to the taste of ezekiel bread. But I swear your body will thank you for it-it’s so much healthier for you. The cinnamon raisin kind is my favorite. Spread a little peanut butter and banana on a slice of toast and you’ll be getting about 10 g of protein and 10 g of fiber to start your day.

**Note: Use organic or all natural peanut butter. Brands like Jif and Skippy are filled with extra sugar and oils that are no good for you.

2. Egg Omelette with Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Avocado– The Incredible Edible Egg! Eggs are packed with protein and fat, but still low calorie if you’re watching your weight. Try to buy organic and cage free if you can. They are more expensive, but you know they’re not filled with the hormones and antibiotics that the conventional ones are. Cut up some veggies and toss in some avo for extra fiber and nutrients.

3. Organic Greek Yogurt/Goat Milk Yogurt with Berries and Chia Seeds– Organic plain greek yogurt is filled with protein, fat, and very little sugar. (If you’re lactose intolerant, try organic goats milk yogurt, or just ignore this option). Chia seeds are awesome and a modern day superfood. They’re packed with fiber, protein, antioxidants, and omega 3 fatty acids. Fun fact: they were an important food for the Aztecs and Mayans and chia is the ancient Mayan word for “strength”. Top off with some berries for a sweeter taste.

4. Organic Rolled Oats with Apple, Cinnamon, and Walnuts– This is my favorite breakfast in the colder months. I like to put the oats on the stove with an apple cut up and mixed in. The apple juice will seep in making a really sweet taste. Top off with some cinnamon and walnuts for a super healthy breakfast. Dont be afraid to eat nuts. Yes, they’re high in calories, but if your have them in small amounts you’ll be getting a ton of nutrients and healthy fats that will make you feel satisfied real fast. Walnuts specifically are awesome for your brain. Eat ’em.

5. Ezekiel Bread with Avocado, Salt, and Pepper– I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who didn’t like avocado. Avocado is great because, just like nuts, its filled with healthy fats that immediately tell your brain its satisfied. Your body needs fat, it just needs the good kind.  Avocados will leave you feeling the right kind of full, and therefore eating less.

Other easy options are homemade granola, or just some fruit and nuts/nut butter if you need something quick!

What else do you guys eat for #bfast??

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