This Too Shall Pass

So yesterday I went for a walk in a park and it got me thinking about how freaking huge the world is and how many people are out there all experiencing different parts of it.

Like where I was, it was so beautiful out and the leaves were all changing color. But, I knew that half way across the world it was the middle of the night in the dead of winter. I knew that while it was warm and sunny in New York, it was cold and rainy somewhere else. I felt happy and safe and content, but the woman walking ahead of me could be feeling depressed. The couple beside me may be in love, while someone else just got their heart broken. Someone may be surrounded by family while another feels completely alone.

I think we forget how impermanent our emotions and circumstances are. Tomorrow I may get sick and feel awful. The person with a broken heart may meet someone new.

So often we try to avoid the pain and challenges we face in any way we can-we sleep, we eat, we drink, we get mad at others, we get mad at ourselves. We’ll do anything to not feel our feelings. But is it really so scary to feel? Can we really even come out on the other side if we don’t let ourselves feel?

Emotions come and go just like the seasons, just like the day. There cannot be spring without winter or sunshine without rain. There cannot be pleasure without pain. Let yourself feel and trust that something even better is on the way.

“This too shall pass.”

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