Today I was thinking a lot about about the concept of “mirroring”. This means that the specific qualities you notice in other people also reside in yourself. Whether we choose to bring those personality traits to life is our decision.

I think that too often people are jealous and competitive with one another. Maybe you see someone doing something really cool with their life and your like, “Ugh, I wish I could do that.” Or, maybe someone seems so confident and you wish you had that confidence. The key here is that you can and you do. People are mirrors: if you see someone living your dream, it’s the universe telling you that you can live it too. If you see someone lighting up a room and being the center of attention, it means that those qualities are in you as well!

Feeling resentment towards someone for having what you want will never help you attain your dream. Try raising your energy level and feeling genuinely happy for that person. If you can view someone else’s qualities as a good thing, you’re one step closer to finding them within yourself. Seeing someone else doing awesome things with their life should be a sign of hope, not a sign of despair.

I think we were put on earth to inspire each other to be our greatest selves, so why not try noticing what we admire about another person and then practice it in out own lives?

Happy Sunday!


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